Posted on March 8, 2011


Do not wait until all the conditions are perfect for you to begin. Beginning makes the conditions perfect. ~ Alan Cohen

I wish I had heard THAT earlier!

last night I made a list of ten things I want to accomplish/be actively working on by the time i go to visit home (May 11th) regarding various areas of my life. It included cooking for myself on a regular basis. and #10 was “smile. Actively practice happiness”…  I easily jotted down 9 things I really need to work on and after,when my mind went blank, that is what popped into my head. Tangent – I love my higher self. So today after work I went to safeway, got some veggies and mushrooms and roasted them in the oven. It was quite a process, but I am mostly happy with how it turned out. And I also am happy to say that I was actively practicing being hapy after a slight funk in my day. Making personal progress is awesome. There is so much I want to accomplish in life, yet I have not mastered feeding myself nutritiously on a regular basis. How many of us have? Scary/Interesting to think about.

Lately I seem to be our house’s on call therapist. p2p counseling and conflict resolution is tricky, especially because with my world view anything I honestly (or bluntly) have to say would be radical. Learning how to convey ideas that may require a paradigm shift tactfully is quite a journey (at work and in personal life)

Today, obviously, was Int’l Women’s Day… I posted a blog, I read a lot of articles, I feel well informed. And, yet, in my interactions with people in my life in person I did not mention a thing. I didn’t consciously do this. But how can I honestly think I’m making a difference in the world if I’m not engaging those closest to me (even if those closest to me are distant… in various layers).  More for me to chew on during this adventure.

And just to top it off, because I haven’t promoted this in a while, is the chakra test :     … my root is still under-active but the rest are open. gotta work on that grounding.. always.