happy hump day

Posted on March 9, 2011


  • From feministing, a couple of news stories that are absolutely atrocious.  An 11 year old girl was raped by as many as 18 men and the victim blaming is out of control…. also a trans woman was brutally murdered. and THEN (as if that wasn’t enough) from USC some “rape-tastic” email was sent around degrading women, even saying they’re not real people like men. Not a good day for women… immediately following international woman’s day. nice.

All of which leads us wondering: why did we even get out of bed this morning? Oh yeah, we got out of bed to fight this culture of violence and sexism and hatred, so that one day, headlines like these won’t happen.



  • A reminder that the struggle in Egypt isn’t over. It hasn’t even really begun here though. From Alternet here’s an article about American citizen’s not having access to safe water and sanitation, and cites that soon 1in 4 children will live below the poverty line.  This is unacceptable.  People will start to revolt and demand what is ours, and those in power will cry that their “rights” are being taken away and the crazy radical socialists are coming to destroy the constitution.  I wonder when that facade will slip away…


  • when preparing for someone I care about to be deployed, I asked around for advice.  I kept hearing “don’t watch the news. don’t pay attention to the war. don’t watch war movies”… war movies/shows I can do without, but I thrive off of news. After one week I realized the No War News issue wouldn’t work out.  I think i’ll be okay though, for me personally it helps to know what is going on, what the momentum is.  But I am fairly good at not letting my thoughts run away without me and getting all worked up.  Consciously choosing my thoughts and how I wish to engage with issues. That being said I came across this very interesting article about Afghanistan:

The news has been so flooded with violent images of unrest over the last few months that I wanted to offer something from a major conflict zone that was less news-driven and more reflective….These doorways symbolize the closed nature of Afghan society, as well as the fact that United States Marines are tolerated — but not entirely welcomed — by the local population. I suppose, in some way, they also reflect my own frustration about not having access to the people of Afghanistan while on military embeds.


I hope every woman who has ever faced this decision will do the same. If we refuse to be intimidated or shamed, then we can’t be intimidated or shamed

I personally would never ask women to come out until they’re ready. But imagine if women everywhere decided to take a leap, break the silence, and tell the honest story of what they went through, what they wish was different, etc.  I believe one thing would be highlited by this: all of our experiences are different and they would fall across a spectrum. And that reality, the multiplicity of reality, needs to be acknowledged.

  • Also, tomorrow is National Abortion Provider Appreciation day


  • love her or hate her, GaGa takes a stand again, this time against Target.  I hear a lot of people saying things like “she just wants the attention, she’s only pandering to her fans” and you know what? why is that a bad thing?  A person in power doing what the people who support her believe in and standing behind what she says… sounds like how government should work.  Maybe our political leaders should take a hint from the mother monster. Just a Thought.