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Posted on March 9, 2011


A person is either your brother in faith or your equal in humanity.” ~ Imam Ali

Obama’s Transparent Recovery? | Mother Jones.:

Entitled WikiLeaks and the Age of Transparency, this book, as Sifry puts it, is “a report from the trenches where a wide array of small-d democracy and transparency activists are hard at work using new tools and methods to open up powerful institutions and make them more accountable, and to situate WikiLeaks in that movement.”

On how women’s sexuality is trying to be controlled:

So why then an attack funding STD treatment and contraception? Why, all of a sudden, do you have politicians like Rep. Steve King railing against Planned Parenthood not because of fetal life—after all, depriving women of contraception access will likely increase the abortion rate—but because Planned Parenthood is “invested in promiscuity”? Why do you have a conservative figurehead like Sean Hannity arguing not that abortion is wrong because it’s taking a life, but because teenage girls shouldn’t be making out in the back seats of cars in the first place? Why is Gov. Scott Walker not only attacking collective bargaining rights in the state of Wisconsin, but trying to eliminate contraception coverage (but not erectile dysfunction medication) on the grounds of “morality”?

More on the USC frat letter, this link actually has the entire letter that was sent out.  Seriously though, it’s disgusting. I literally felt ill when reading it.  Here’s a few gems from it:

R.D.A (Raw Dog Assassin): A man that refuses to wear condoms because no feeling on earth can compare to a warm piece of pie coming in contact with your cock. Let’s be honest, if it isn’t raw it isn’t real. Drawbacks of this philosophy are that you may have to visit the clinic more often than not, but a quick penicillin shot really isn’t that bad (trust me)

because an STI is the only negative consequence of unprotected sex… again, i’m sick of men not respecting women’s demand to wear condoms

Many fatties and uglies do have great gullets and are particularly good at sex. They have to be more dedicated to their craft because no one would talk to them otherwise

because god forbid we ever think about women as human beings with multiple intelligences or skills… just meat, how good they look and what they can do for men

Non-consent and rape are two different things. There is a fine line, so make sure not to cross it.

NO ACTUALLY THERE IS VERY LITTLE DIFFERENCE ASS HOLE! words literally cannot express how i feel about this.  It’s appalling in the worst possible way. What’s worse is I know men who think like this, personally. I know this mentality is socially/culturally created and supported, and yet nothing is changing. It makes me feel helpless and enraged which is not a productive combination.

And to add insult to injury here is a piece of work on why men like “innocent” “girls” instead of “bad” “girls” … first of all, i’m a young woman. stop infantalizing us. Second, a limited world view that dichotomizes women into two groups (with a little room for mixing in the middle) is ridiculous and shows how limited this man’s experience around women is, in my opinion.  Also, it reeks of privilege and the desire to control instead of seeking out a partnership based on mutual respect. It’s sad, really, but I love how the comments rip him a new one.