Journal of Cosmology – Aliens

Posted on March 10, 2011


Journal of Cosmology has reported that extra terrestrial life exists after fossilized microbacteria were found on a meteorite.  It baffles me that people continue to say life is exclusive to earth. I remember being in the fourth grade at a private baptist school in california and being pulled aside at lunch to be scolded for talking about aliens.  I’ve ALWAYS been interested in space, and we were kids! We were always having crazy adventures and being creative.  I was told “the only thing up there is the stars and to think anything else is stupid”… funny how certain moments are etched into our brains.  I was angry then.  So were my parents.  I wonder what that lady would have to say now.  Or what logical defense there is to back up the notion that life cannot exist anywhere else.

On a side note, i really miss having intelligent and thought provoking debates (and conversations around philosophy and truths and systems) in my life.  Oh, college.

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