a normal friday night

Posted on March 11, 2011


Sort of.  I do go out more these days, but a normal weekend night for me includes perusing the interwebs and watching movies, maybe having a glass or two of wine.  I’m always so exhausted after work and after a week of work and a week in my head.  I’m always exhausted.  And after some reflection I realized a couple of things.  1: I intake a lot of information.  I think we all do. the information that I choose to intake is usually pretty heavy.. news, political or social theory, etc.  I like it when I come across cute pictures/videos of animals. That’s always nice.  It’s why I’ve been watching more movies lately, I need to shut my brain off. Which leads me to #2: everything for me has bigger implications.  Almost everything i come across, read, hear, have a conversation around.. it all connects to a larger picture in some way, it’s absolutely all interconnected, and I have a very hard time not constantly seeing something in 8 different ways and how that informs or fits into the grander scheme of things and the future.  I like this about myself. But i’ve come to realize it’s absolutely exhausting and is not necessarily a sustainable mode of being. I need to find some sense of balance.

In the meantime, here’s a few of the articles I’ve come across tonight:

The way we think about — and treat — these behaviors is wrong, Pelsser says. “There is a paradigm shift needed. If a child is diagnosed ADHD, we should say, ‘OK, we have got those symptoms, now let’s start looking for a cause.’ “

I couldn’t agree more. However, how can we look for a cause to ailments when there is so much money invested in one of the problems: food.  So many problems can be eliminated or severely reduced by eating a healthier diet. Now I don’t know much about the food industry and all the dirty politics in the food we eat now, frankly I’ve been shielding myself from the intricacies of this problem because I think it will be overwhelming (how typically American and privileged of me).  I will face the reality eventually so i can help spread information that can inform better, intentional, practices for the future.  It only seems logical to me that of course humans would develop an array of illnesses (everything from gout to depression to autism) when we consume products that weren’t naturally found  on earth and that our bodies aren’t meant to process.  A friend once said to me that our bodies are like machines.. if you put crappy fuel in a car it’s going to break down eventually.  If we put unorganic (and i dont mean USDA labeled) food and drinks in our bodies what to we expect?

  • There’s this lovely piece about how Wisconsin got screwed even worse than they, and we, all originally thought. All I have to say about what happened in Wisconsin is that I hope it creates a ripple effect.  I hope people’s red flags are raised, that they get defensive and outraged over acts like this and that more come to light (because frankly i have no doubt that shady shit is going down all over the place.. people feel entitled and have no accountability). the GOP can only hide behind the guise of “fiscal responsibility” for so long.  I hope people are up for the challenge of demanding this shit to end.  If people want rights and fair treatment but don’t want to be engaged in the political world because we’re all convinced we’re  too busy with our life (like which of our friends stabbed us in the back or which shoes we want to buy next or whatever it may be) well then I’m sorry but we reap what we sow and the only way to get past it is together and with determination and with the willingness to give up some of this excess and lazy self-interested culture we are so accustomed to.
  • What happened when women gathered in Tahrir square for International Women’s Day:

Although the movement that ended a dictator’s 30-year reign in just 18 breathtaking days was not driven by feminist concerns, women were a significant presence in the street protests. In the weeks following, many have said that the empowerment they felt during the demonstrations should be used to effect change for women themselves.

Many of these women, like their male counterparts, feel empowered after beginning a revolution.  I think it will be hard to stop that momentum.  I keep hearing/reading that women’s rights are things of the West, and I understand this sentiment. What then is a nonwestern way for women to be equal citizens? Learning moment. I’m not saying the two ideas are mutually exclusive, just that I have no idea whatsoever what it would look like (because I don’t know enough about the culture/history).

  • And the buy-in to a system doomed to fail and driven by the need to marginalize individuals continues with civil unions passing in Hawaii.  Can’t we just make it so federally only civil unions are recognizable? Since the whole thing just has to do with “marriage” right? *sigh*

typical friday night.