this is what Friday looks like

Posted on March 11, 2011


Some breathtaking and heartwrenching pictures of Japan.  I cannot even imagine the devetation and chaos they are going through. Hawaii was a hot mess last night and there was barely any damage done.  It was quite an experience. Love and Light to those affected by this epic destructive force. Here’s an animation of the wave after the earthquake

I saw this on feministing: “This is what class warfare looks like

And this is what smoke and mirrors looks like:

This sentiment was a thread that ran throughout the day from Democrats. It’s more than a rhetorical point. As the FBI has reported, between 2002 and 2005, only 6 percent of terrorist attacks in the U.S. were perpetrated by Muslim extremists.

And ironically, as Seth Freed Wessler has previously reported for Colorlines, some supposedly radicalized terrorists have been generated by the FBI itself. As the bureau has reportedly ramped up investigations of American Muslims, particularly converts and black Muslims, over the past decade, watchdogs argue that it has routinely entrapped otherwise harmless, if disaffected people in plots dreamed up by agents….

Ellison also cautioned that, since the tips given to law enforcement officials by Muslim Americans have been an integral part of preempting domestic terrorist attacks, the hearings are actually threatening national security by alienating the community

and this is what student activism (one form) looks like. I am surprised young people in CA aren’t mentioned. Step it UP!