Who has the power to fix the system here? — Feministe

Posted on March 12, 2011


Who has the power to fix the system here? — Feministe.

Is it important for decision-making positions to be taken up by those who merit them? Definitely: a nation needs competent decision-makers. My beef is with the idea that women are obliged to work ‘extra hard,’ to ‘showcase’ their efforts, in order to show everyone that they are worthy. I don’t think that women owe the world extra effort in order to make up for the shortfall of a system oppressing them. I think women should have to work the same amount as anybody, be as talented as anybody, to succeed…

It’s not up to women to fix that; they’re already working hard. It’s up to the beneficiaries of gender gaps, that unfairness, to fix them: the men with those decision-making powers

truth. I would ad, however, that those people in power aren’t going to just change, and i am of the opinion that force isn’t the answer.  The question becomes then how do we engage with these people and not insert ourselves in an oppositional framework?