the morning roundup

Posted on March 14, 2011


First, I saw this at Feministing: Resource Generation, it’s seriously worth checking out:

Since 1998, Resource Generation (RG) has engaged over 1,400 young people with wealth across the U.S. Through community building, education and organizing, we help young people with wealth bring all they have and all they are to the social change movements and issues they care about. We organize to transform philanthropy, policy, and institutions and leverage our collective power to make lasting structural change

Also from feministing, an article on women’s rights in Iraq:

Iraqi and Afghani women are still waiting. It turns out that the status of women has actually gotten worse since 2003 when America declared itself oppressed women’s knights-in-shining-armor. On everything from maternity leave to workforce representation, women have suffered, and now political leadership is waning.

Problem #1: trying to be a night in shining armor.  Problem #2: we don’t treat women as equals at home, how the hell do they expect to help women anywhere else… as if that was ever actually anything more than an appeal to our nations heart strings.

Some more class warfare news, relating to Michigan’s tax cuts for the rich and fee hikes for the poor.  It really leaves me wondering, what do these super wealthy people want to do once most of our nation’s people are living in poverty? Once they have everyone subjugated under their laws and practically enslaved to the capitalist system.. what then? Turn it into a theme park for wealthy people from OTHER countries to use? Or have they thought it out that far? I seriously don’t get it, I don’t see the logic behind these tactics or what the ultimate outcome is supposed to be.

Sorry Pope, but GM seeds aren’t the path to ending hunger: “But a roadmap to defeating hunger exists, if we can follow the course — and that course involves ditching corporate-controlled, chemical-intensive farming.”

Another article on King’s homeland security hearings:

Cedric Richmond, an African American representative from Louisiana, explained, “It’s a worry for me when so many people in Congress and in this committee who have never been the victim of profiling are quick to say that profiling is a proper crime fighting tool even if it isn’t.”

This is just kind of funny, a snake dies from silicone poisoning after biting a fake boob (video included), but of course calls into question what the fuck we are putting in our bodies for the sake of “beauty”…