enough is enough… seriously

Posted on March 15, 2011


I just don’t understand…. and i’m really fucking frustrated about it.

Teacher Layoff Day at Mission High | Mother Jones:

Even though the state’s real budget numbers will only become clear after a special election in June—in which Governor Jerry Brown will ask voters to approve a temporary sales tax increase to save schools—California mandates today’s ritual of early notifications.

It is literally unfathomable to me how we can lay off teachers and allow our education system to go down the toilet (even more than it currently is) and continue to put the burden of this economic crisis on the working class, while giant corporations get equally giant tax cuts.  Money doesn’t just disappear, these systems don’t just dry up from nothing… some people are collecting massive amounts of wealth and one means they do this by is through loopholes and not paying their fair share of taxes (and from the war, but that’s another issue, sort of… none of this exists in a vacuum and it’s all interrelated).  I think it’s time that the people, the masses, say enough is enough. the GOP says “we need spending cuts” and “Spend Less, Owe Less, Grow the Economy”: Spending Cuts Can Boost the Economy in the Short Term too ” From boehner’s twitter account…

you know what I think would boost the economy? If the fat cat, good old boys, billionaires, etc. who fund these GOP politicians were held accountable.  It really, really becomes an issue of redistribution of wealth. oh my god that’s socialist!!!! well, maybe… but these people didn’t accumulate mass amounts of wealth fairly, so why should they be protected from accountability?