i should be sleeping, but..

Posted on March 15, 2011


I’m not and information never sleeps.. such a nice partner for long nights.

➩ any article that says “post racial america” with snarky underpinnings is a must read, in my opinion:

The cause of the over criminalization of African American young women is best understood by looking back through the lens of American history and the ideological construction of black criminality…

…Krisberg went on, “Once in the criminal justice system, African American girls are treated with brutality, so much emotional and sexual abuse. We are violating African American girls’ human rights everyday in all 58 counties of California. Where are the lawsuits? Where is the accountability?”

again, a must read

➩ In case we’ve forgotten (or it fell out of our radar because we’re inundated with harsh news 24/7), Libya is essentially having a war:

Libyan rebels have denied claims that pro-Gaddafi forces have taken Ajdabiya – the last town before their headquarters in Benghazi…

and just so we also don’t lose sight of the hypocrisy of our country’s non-involvement:

…However, countries such as the US, Russia, China and Germany are understood to harbour doubts about imposing a no-fly zone. Some are wary of foreign military intervention in the conflict.

not that I think we should get involved or see ourselves as the global police (such a joke.. who polices us?).

➩ A CIA agent kills two men in their own country and the U.S. says he needs to be sent home:

Questions surround the identity of the victims, with some media reports saying the men worked for Pakistan’s
Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency, and that they might have been known to Davis… Other reports suggest they were armed robbers who had already targeted others in Lahore before attempting to rob Davis, tailing him on motor bikes along a congested city road.

what would our government do?

➩ I hope the world is still “praying” for Japan, I know a lot of people are. You know it’s serious when you see “the first taped video message by a Japanese emperor.” (fair warning, it’s not the actual video). I continue to send Light and Love.

Time for some Harry Potter, the rest of this pink wine, and rest.