Posted on March 15, 2011


Milestones in Photography — National Geographic. it’s amazing how far we’ve come and makes one wonder how far we’ll go in the next 10, 20, 50 years.

Can someone please explain to me 3 things: 1. why Glenn Beck is so fucking nuts, 2. how people take him seriously, and 3. why people aren’t deconstructing the hell out of his ridiculous arguments on a larger scale to combat the nonsense he spews (ok, i understand various aspects of #2, but still):

What does the Young Communist League have to do with the UAW or the steelworkers? Progressive, socialist, Marxist groups, religious groups, green groups, communist, powerful unions led by communists, SEIU, AFL-CIO. Radical groups like La Raza – what did all of these groups – what were they all working together for?

Either he’s more bonkers than i give him credit for and he really thinks all these groups are in cahoots (does he even know the differences between communism, marxism, and socialism????), or he’s trying to point out that they’re all separately trying to “end the western way of life”… depending on his definition of that I wouldn’t disagree. How someone can spew blatant lies, hate speech (literally to the point of inciting violence), and religious prophecies on a news station and not ever have their legitimacy seriously called into question concerns me, and many many people who are on the side of logic and reason.

Democracy working the way it should(?):

Alvarez and Seijas were subjects of a recall vote after petition efforts championed by billionaire auto magnate Norman Braman and political action committee Miami Voice. The two drives began after Alvarez pushed through a budget that hiked the county’s tax rate and gave raises to county employees. Seijas voted for the budget.

with all the talk of recalls in Wisconsin and now Miami, I hope people are realizing that if they made a mistake (most likely by not voting or voting without understanding who they’re voting for) they can fix it. Having truly engaged citizens is one of the best things I think that could happen for this country.

all of this political crap that has been going on for years but seems to be coming to a head lately has many of us asking why aren’t democrats fighting back? I don’t think that democrats should be trying to structurally disadvantage republicans or use the same tools being used against them.  I think that is what will stifle a democracy.  I think democrats in many respects are just as bad as republicans and these fake political lines we’ve made in the proverbial sand do more harm than good.  My question is why aren’t the PEOPLE fighting back against all the political BS that’s going on? Remember the tea party cry “take our country back”? Well in a way I think that needs to be the people’s cry, except we don’t want to take it back because how things were before (everything that situated us into the current context we’re in) doesn’t work. We need to take our country back into the people’s hands and move forward from there.

And in case you haven’t heard yet, the RNC is trying to sell primary debates :

In February, the RNC disclosed it was saddled with more than $22 million of debt left over from the 2010 midterm elections. At that time, newly elected Chairman Reince Priebus acknowledged the committee has “a lot of work to do” to pay off its obligations so it can focus on raising money for the 2012 presidential election….It is unclear if it is legal for the RNC to sell the broadcasting rights or whether it would constitute a prohibited political contribution in the eyes of federal law.

so let me get this straight, the fiscally responsible party is in debt and they’re trying to do something that maaayyy be illegal to fix the problem? this is a recurring theme. How long will it take for the guise of financial accountability last? how long can it last if people are actually paying attention?