Should Democrats Find Their Own Karl Rove?

Posted on March 16, 2011


I find it hard to swallow that the conversation is “can Democrats..?” instead of “should Democrats..”? It really goes to show that the entire system, how things are run, needs to change. But it only will if people want it to change.  If they want their voices represented in government, where energies are focused needs to shift significantly.

Can Democrats Find Their Own Karl Rove? | Mother Jones.

Democrats, on the other hand, are searching for their own powerful outside groups, and for a figurehead, like Rove, to fight the flow of conservative cash in the next election….[W]ithin days of leaving the White House last month, former deputy chief of staff Jim Messina, who will manage the re-election campaign, was on a nationwide tour. His mission was to reconnect with big bundlers, some of whom have grumbled publicly that they haven’t received enough attention from the White House and have been irked by its tough rhetoric aimed at Wall Street executives.

Is it just me or is there something very wrong with this sentiment?  This is why I don’t like the democratic party either.  For the 2012 elections they shouldn’t be finding wealthy political figureheads or groups to fund them (groups they’ll inadvertently owe something), in my opinion.  They need to get back in touch with the people they supposedly represent. And for far too long our political leaders have been representing corporations and narrow interests instead of empowering their voting base and tapping into what will get the people to be invested in them. Right now it’s a war on cash, not issues or what the future will really look like.