Posted on March 20, 2011


The results of Egypts voting are in, and the amendments were voted for. Not everyone was happy though:

The liberal wing of Egyptian politics was heavily against the measure, saying they did not have enough time to organize into effective political organizations. They said early elections will benefit the brotherhood and the old ruling party, mean their dominance of the next parliament will mean it will write a constitution much like the old one.

during the protests, many people spoke to the fact that the revolutionary work is only just beginning, even saying that the protests were the easiest part of the entire struggle.  This may be evidence of that being true.

Some Super Sick pictures of lightning.

At&T is going to buy TMobile. I liked Tmobile, why is AT&T going to ruin it?? Why must companies buy other companies? Doesn’t that throw out of balance the whole free market thing that capitalism supposedly rests on?

This whole Libya situation has turned into quite a clusterfuck.  People were getting slaughtered and the global cry was “why isn’t anyone doing anything?” then the coalition (led currently by the US.. which is strange) fired on Libya, and now the international cry is “well that was too fast! They were so hasty with force” or “they’re only doing it to occupy the land”… it really is a Lose-Lose.  With only two very extreme stories being played out in the media (what the libyan government says and what little information is getting out via AJ and pics/videos/tweets from people on the ground) it’s hard to know what the best course of action really is.  One thing is for sure fucked up, in my opinion though.  The fact that the US somehow went from a backseat position to the “lead”. I read tweets saying how much each missile we fired costs and things like “NPR funding is gone in 15 minutes”…. when your country is in crisis shouldn’t we take the back seat on things like this? I just don’t get it. And anyway, here’s an article on possible drawbacks of the intervention from AJ

And Protests in Morocco