Religion in the News (and an octopus)

Posted on March 21, 2011


This article title “Relgion to become extinct” is very misleading, methinks.  Just because people are not claiming to be affiliated with a religious denomination does not mean that people aren’t practicing spirituality… In fact, i’d say that people not wanting to be lumped into a religious category is a benefit… maybe it shows a trend in people thinking for themselves.

This article was very interesting… it’s about how there’s a bias against single men as pastors.  I’m glad they at least mentioned what it’s like for women, but of course the dominant narrative is what it’s like for a single white man… (shocking, i know).

“Evangelicals are responding to the sexual revolution of the 1960s, which they saw as a real threat to the family,” he said. “A pastor with a wife is less likely to be a homosexual and more likely to mirror the traditional image of a family.”….

Some religion experts suggested a less charitable reason for the marriage requirement: the expectation that a pastor’s wife will provide unpaid labor, perhaps leading the choir or teaching Sunday school.

this was from the comments section, it made my laugh: “You want to work in a denomination with narrowminded attitudes toward marriage and gender roles, but you want them to look beyond their prejudices just for you. Too bad. That’s not how it works.”

And I just thought this video was really cool…