Posted on March 21, 2011


about the war on women: from Feministing, and article about a pregnant women who attempted suicide being charged with feticide.  First, anyone who tries to take their own life has something larger going on and needs counsel, support, and resources… not to be victimized by a broken criminal “justice” system.  Also, it’s interesting to me how we are more concerned with women harming fetuses than men… pregnancy is a time where many women are battered (even if there was no physical abuse prior to pregnancy)… if people are so concerned with harm done to a fetus then they should seriously consider looking into DV prevention. Unless this has more to do with the male desire for control over everything than actually protecting the fetus…

From the guardian (though I originally came across this at Alternet), solders killing innocent people, taking trophies, posing and taking pictures, etc….:

Commanders in Afghanistan are bracing themselves for possible riots and public fury triggered by the publication of “trophy” photographs of US soldiers posing with the dead bodies of defenceless Afghan civilians they killed.

Senior officials at Nato‘s International Security Assistance Force in Kabul have compared the pictures published by the German news weekly Der Spiegel to the images of US soldiers abusing prisoners in Abu Ghraib in Iraq which sparked waves of anti-US protests around the world.

They fear that the pictures could be even more damaging as they show the aftermath of the deliberate murders of Afghan civilians by a rogue US Stryker tank unit that operated in the southern province of Kandahar last year

Whether or not these are merely sick and twisted individuals or if there is a systemic factor to these acts (and imo, there’s a multitude of factors that lead to things like this), what these (and probably other) individuals are doing is putting the rest of our soldiers in danger, and that is absolutely unacceptable.  What kind of backlash will innocent soldiers face? How many could become targets of anti-US sentiment brought to a head by this story and these brutalities coming to light?

Updates on the situation in Libya.  This is such a clusterfuck.  I read a lot of news articles and blogs, and I cannot figure out what the balls is happening, why it’s happenings, where it’s happening, and what the ultimate goal is.  many people have heard that Dennis Kucinich is raising questions around if President Obama’s actions are impeachable since Congress was not consulted before US bombs began dropping:

As Kucinich reiterated Monday to MSNBC, “A decision was made to make American forces into a war [and] he didn’t consult with Congress. What the consequences are politically, we’ll see…but the fact is we’re going to spend half a billion dollars in the first week on this war, we don’t have the resources.”

I think there are a lot of questions to be asked around this situation, and answers should be demanded.  I think that if Bush wasn’t impeached over the lies that got us into Iraq, this shouldn’t warrant Obama to be impeached.  i agree with Kucinich’s sentiments, but wonder what his motives are.

This is a great article on how “liberal inteventionists are just ‘kinder, gentler’ neocons, and neocons are just liberal interventionsts on steroids.” This is a GREAT read:

So if you’re baffled by how Mr. “Change You Can Believe In” morphed into Mr. “More of the Same,” you shouldn’t really be surprised. George Bush left in disgrace and Barack Obama took his place, but he brought with him a group of foreign policy advisors whose basic world views were not that different from the people they were replacing. I’m not saying their attitudes were identical, but the similarities are probably more important than the areas of disagreement. Most of the U.S. foreign policy establishment has become addicted to empire, it seems, and it doesn’t really matter which party happens to be occupying Pennsylvania Avenue.