Castro.War on Women

Posted on March 22, 2011


Castro: I quit as party leader five years ago – Americas – Al Jazeera English. I wonder what influence this will have on our public policy with Cuba…

A goal without a plan is just a wish. ~ A de St. Exupery

“What women need to know about healthcare reform”…. does this matter in light of how Obamacare has seemed to crumble? We need a comprehensive document about what healthcare reform could look like and what protections for consumers (patients… sick people!) would look like.

the war on women continues . Today it’s in South Dakota:

So, to boil it down, 139 women who self-selected to participate in a study about traumatic effects of abortion, a majority of whom thought abortion was a morally wrong procedure to which women did not have a right, stated that they “felt pressured by others” to have an abortion.  Based on that result, anti-choice politicians and activists have been declaring that “64 percent of all women are coerced into abortions” and that laws need to be made to restrict their access to the procedure to protect them.

yes, some women are coerced into having abortions.  wouldn’t it make more sense to make sure that women don’t accidentally get pregnant and have all the right information and tools to make a logical choice about their own bodies and lives? Unless the ultimate goal was coercing women to have babies and continue to be bound by biological determinism that shouldn’t exist but does based on (mostly) religious ideologies that do not represent the majority population….

and this bit from feministing: “Women: anti-war softies or pro-war nags?