Lawsuits on Sex-Change Rule – NY

Posted on March 22, 2011


Lawsuits Challenge New York City on Sex-Change Rule –

“I think you have the objective reality of their genital makeup and their chromosomal makeup, weighed against the entirely subjective experience of so-called gender identity,” Mr. Sprigg said. “I think the objective considerations are the only thing that should be recognized by the law.”

apparently this guy doesn’t know that your chromosomal make up can be something other than xx or xy, genitals can be ambiguous, and doctors and/or parents are left to subjectively decide a person’s so called sex… what about these people? what about their identity? What if parents/doctors get it wrong? What about the well-recognized condition called “gender dysphoria” (note: i’m not a fan of pathologizing trans people)? what if this binaristic mode of understanding humans we are operating from is too limited to encompass the range of ways people identify themselves? and what if religion is the biggest barrier to allowing people true freedom? huh? HUH?