Understanding Your Local Witch

Posted on March 22, 2011


Understanding Your Local Witch.

Witches, as they commonly refer to themselves, are part of a growing movement towards ancient spiritual beliefs, commonly referred to as Paganism. This religious belief is an ‘Earth’ religion where homage is paid to the natural elements and respect is given to all living things, plant and animal. Like many other religions, Paganism has a number of variations of the faith, called traditions. Paganism is a polytheistic faith and the deities that are worshiped are dependant on the specific tradition….

I have personally known several people that are witches and they are some of the kindest folks I have ever know. They don’t push their belief on anyone and do not engage in recruiting people into their faith. They are not Satan worshipers and they don’t commit human or animal sacrifices. They are essentially a benign group of tree huggers who simply wish to be afforded the same respect as any other person and to not be chastised or discriminated against due to their faith.

I’m more in the closet about my spiritual beliefs/practices than anything else…

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