Christian Intruders & Abortion

Posted on March 24, 2011


Christian Intruders: New Law Will Force Women to Listen to Religious Lectures Before Getting an Abortion | Sex & Relationships | AlterNet.

That the anti-choice movement is mostly a Christianist movement bent on imposing its religious beliefs on the public at large is one of the most under-discussed aspects of the abortion debate. This law should highlight the theocratic underpinnings of the anti-choice movement. Most and probably all crisis pregnancy centers are religious organizations that object to abortion because it conflicts with their religious dogma about female sexuality, women’s roles, and their belief about when the soul enters the body

I’m not sure I agree with such a sweeping generalization (maybe I don’t know enough facts) but I believe that crisis pregnancy centers are a problem and misinformation is a problem, and the fact that nobody wants to talk about the theocratic underpinnings of the anti-choice movement is a huge problem (not to say EVERYONE who’s anti choice is religious.. but really, they’re the exception not the rule).  And this whole “waiting period” nonsense, assuming women don’t know what they’re getting into or need more time to think about it cuz they wouldn’t on their own.. all bullshit.

Republican state senator Al Novstrup claimed the bill is somehow protective of women, offering them a “second opinion,” which indicates not just his disrespect for religious freedom but his profound ignorance of options counseling typical to abortion clinics, especially Planned Parenthood, which runs the sole abortion clinic in the state….

Would Novstrup enjoy having to listen to a lecture from an atheist or Muslim group before joining a church, getting married or making plans for his own funeral? Why then is it appropriate to force women to listen to religious lectures before making a decision that involves their own religious beliefs about life?

this point was particularly salient for me though:

But this law really goes beyond that. This is more than an attack on women having abortions or women in general, though of course that’s reason enough to oppose it.  This law is using abortion as a canary in the coal mine to undermine everyone’s basic rights to medical privacy and freedom of religion.