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Posted on March 25, 2011


Check out Just Hearts, a fair trade company started by two people who decided to make a difference.  I’m still deciding what I want 🙂

Republicans thinking about running for president include Michelle Bachmann and Tim Pawlenty according to what I’m reading today. Bachmann is a crazy lady.  Yet in the face of scorn she’s rallying her troops:

The equal or greater disdain of Republican Party leaders, who have mostly ignored her leadership bids, hasn’t stopped Bachmann. She’s said she will declare by the summer, and has already started putting together an operation in Iowa. Her first hire is suitably rooted in paranoia and bigotry: Iowa state Senator Kent Sorenson, whose legislative feats include a birther bill.

Tim Pawlenty is catching our attention because he’s involved in another “sharia law mess” these keep popping up.  He thinks our government shouldn’t be influenced by religion – but only other religions:

But that’s not what Pawlenty tells Christian audiences in Iowa and New Hampshire, where he’s been using his personal faith (he is an Evangelical Christian) to build support for a presidential bid. In fact, during an interview with Christianity Today in late January, Pawlenty argued that elected officials should apply their faith to government

gotta love the blatant hypocrisy. It’s also a little terrifying if you’re not christian.

In Yemen, massive protests.  They want the regime to fall, many ppl of the government have defected.  What does Ali say?:

Anti-government protesters, demanding the immediate resignation of President Ali Abdullah Saleh, occupied a main square and surrounded streets.He said he was prepared to transfer power but only to what he called “safe hands”.

the video talks about how the U.S. has given tons of money to the regime in “counter terrorism” efforts… why does the U.S. have to be involved in every fucked up dictatorship around the world? It’s so disheartening every time.

I fully support an effort to affect policy change to help vets:

This week, IAVA is bringing two dozen Iraq and Afghanistan veterans from across the country to meet with more than 100 Congressional offices, to present our top policy priority for 2011: employing the next greatest generation.

I want to read the actual legislation they have in mind or get more info about what exactly it would entail.

Some powerful words in support of Planned Parenthood I saw on twitter from @PPact

We want to stay in school. We want to go to college. We want to have careers. And we want to have strong families when we’re ready -Semaj, Teen Health Promoter #PPTruthTour

and i’ not generally a fan of Dear Abby, but this list of signs of a batterer is on point