Cain for President

Posted on March 26, 2011


ThinkProgress » EXCLUSIVE: Cain Tells ThinkProgress ‘I Would Not’ Appoint A Muslim In My Administration:

Cain’s apparent rationale for refusing to even consider a Muslim nominee for any position in his administration is as simple as it is abhorrent: he believes all Muslims would try to “force their Sharia law onto the rest of us.” This type of bigotry has been promoted by conservative figures like Frank Gaffney and Brigitte Gabriel for years. Now, it appears to be seeping into the presidential race via Herman Cain.

I’m going to keep saying this until i’m blue in the face (or typing it until my fingers hurt.. as it were).. that the failure to recognize the inherent hypocrisy of christian politicians claiming that we need to watch out for sharia law is absurd.  They are worried about a religion “being forced onto the rest of us” at the same time as they are forcing religion onto the rest of us. wankers!

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