5 Reasons Humanity Is Terrible at Democracy .. thoughts

Posted on March 28, 2011


5 Reasons Humanity Is Terrible at Democracy | Cracked.com. Really this article is a must read.  A lot of good information (paradigm shifting information) and funny. I had to share some initial thoughts:

#5 speaks to the fact that we are not taught in school to be critically conscious, to think through an idea.  We are taught to sit down, be obedient, and spit up whatever “knowledge” is force-fed to us. Education reform could yield democratically capable individuals instead of conditioned to react to targeted words in specific ways

#4 speaks to our corporatocracy and the fact that media in many cases basically = propaganda:

For instance, the vast majority of us think the news media are politically biased. You could simply say, “Well, duh, that means they probably are biased.” But the problem is that all of us think the media are biased against us, regardless of our political affiliations

If people were empowered they would use their voice and capital (social and physical) to be and make changes around them. On a side note, I wonder if Faux News uses tricky psy-ops on their viewers manipulating confirmation bias in some way:

Then we have the curse that is confirmation bias — the horrible brain glitch that makes countless superstitions possible. This is when the brain latches onto and remembers pieces of information that confirm what we believe but dismisses those that don’t

okay, to be fair, i wonder if all major news outlets partake.. not just Faux.

#3 – see #4, and I wish I could shout this quote from the top of a mountain:

Are we starting to get a clearer picture of the voting public here? It’s not what most people assume (aka, that everybody is just ignorant and obsessed with celebrity bullshit). There’s an intentional bias toward bad information

We want so badly to blame individuals.. not only does it otherize them, separating them from us (It’s the “that could never happen to me because i’m not like that” mentality) but it takes responsibility responsibility off of our shoulders… if it really were a larger problem then we would have to do something about it in order to maintain our sense of selves as good people (and in general i think most people consider themselves to be good)

#2 –  is interesting… and fully depends on your definition of “informed”. This however fully has to do with otherizing:

Polls consistently show that we think those who disagree with us politically are simply bad people, on a personal level.

We are not taught to understand that people with different beliefs are the exact same as us, just with different beliefs.  But as ourselves as whole and most importantly “normal” people and whoever disagrees is.. well you know the rest. I’ve been talking for a while about the rising polarization in US politics and culture.. my thought is unless we teach people to view OTHERS as whole human beings and respect them the same way we feel entitled to respect we will head straight into a very dismal situation (which we’re already on course for.. so if you’re just sitting by and enjoying the ride, you are responsible).  If information breeds extremism (which i’d agree with), and we are living in an age where any and all information is at our fingertips, we better start infusing our interactions with love and kindness and respect or we are fucked.

#1 is just plain brilliant.  We hate each other over imaginary differences:

For example, a study asked Americans of various demographics and political stances about the ideal way they feel wealth should be distributed across the country. Young or old, male or female, Republican or Democrat, the answers they provided were almost identical

and if our media sources are purposefully presenting us with misinformation, biased information or with the intention of creating a certain sentiment in the population (prop-a-gan-da), are we really to believe there is no vested interest in this? That certain people at the very top of the food chain aren’t orchestrating (however precisely or loosely) these circumstances? Or at the very least exploiting the hell out of them? of us?

A big reason has to be that it really is the only thing that keeps the news interesting for us. Without conflict, there is no drama. Without drama, we get bored.

if that is the case, then our conflict is about to turn on the government/media because truly the people can unite… not saying it would/will be easy or painless…. i just don’t see another option.  I have faith in our youth.

Read more: http://www.cracked.com/article_19086_5-reasons-humanity-terrible-at-democracy_p2.html#ixzz1Hxc6ERoJ

Sometimes i want to just yell “wake up!”