Alex Jones & Public Paranoia

Posted on March 28, 2011


How Radio Host Alex Jones Has Cornered the Bipartisan Paranoia Market — New York Magazine.

Alex Jones, a popular talk-radio host who is today’s leading proponent and marketer of political paranoia. “The globalists have stolen the world’s power,” he told me recently, with surprisingly abundant good cheer.

first I’m not sure how calling out the war against the masses by an elite few can be called paranoid while birthers and other so-called conspiracy theorists are taken seriously (obviously  not by everyone)…It’s an interesting point of view that to make larger connections about what is going on globally = paranoia.  To try to see through the buuullshhiiittt the media spews every day and try to use smoke and mirrors to distort what is important or even true would make anyone who uses logic and reason to feel a little “paranoid”.. but what does that even mean? paranoid?

His popularity isn’t a fluke; it’s a barometer of the rise of paranoia in every crevice of the Internet and cable TV, where fact and quasi-fact are now blurred on a regular basis and often make their way right onto mainstream screens. There has always been a shadow or two on the grassy knoll of American politics. But it’s never been more crowded up there.

This is true… things gain mass attention (get popular) by tapping into a sentiment that the masses share… they pump out something that rings true for people. I’m not saying Jones is a cool guy, or I agree with him on everything.  But it is true that people are looking for some real answers or insight into what the hell is going on in our world.  We need to read various news sources on a subject and figure out what is true for ourselves, but I appreciate a different media source.