daily dose of feminism

Posted on March 28, 2011


first, from feministing: They say if you say something often enough (and/or loud enough) people will start to believe it. I feel like it’s harder to get certain information to stick… it’s hard to compete with propaganda out there. At the same time the GOP says we need to defund planned parenthood (which, for the bajillionth time, offers FAR more services than “Just” abortion) while wanting to fund crisis pregnancy centers:

Crisis pregnancy centers—often run by religious groups—received $30 million from HHS between 2001 and 2006 for abstinence-only programs and other projects, according to a2006 House Energy and Commerce Committee report. The HHS grant database indicates another $9.3 million in grants were given to CPCs since 2007.

30.Million.Dollars. for organizations whose sole purpose is to tell women what they should do (often with misleading or false information with motivations based in religion).  Not to mention there’s already already more Crisis Pregnancy Centers than Planned Parenthood. This truly is hypocrisy. I wonder how long it will take for people to catch on.  Maybe next we can tackle viagra vs. birth control coverage.

graffiti goes to a whole new level. Knitting. Hell yes.

Welcome to the quirky world of “graffiti knitting,” a global movement of several hundred artists dedicated to adorning otherwise stoic effigies of urban life–lampposts, statues, mailboxes–with knitted scarves, animals, and wraps.

yarnbombing.. i love it.

Something I don’t love so much – the GOP taking women’s rights away in the name of the tiny people growing inside of them wile also denying undocumented workers prenatal care, and subsequently killing five babies:

Yesterday, I wrote about Gov. Scott Walker’s (R-WI) proposal to deny pregnant undocumented women access to prenatal care assistance. I argued that Walker’s position runs counter to his vehemently “pro-life” crusade. In the post, I also mentioned that when the state of Nebraska debated a similar proposal, anti-choice groups strongly opposed denying undocumented women prenatal care because it put “borders ahead of babies.”

Because if you are from here, they have the right to force you to have a baby you don’t want or didn’t choose to conceive.  If you were coerced, manipulated, or just wanted to come for a way to take care of your family (surviving) you don’t even deserve to have a baby you want. This is an epic pro-life fail.

and from the NY Times: WalMart’s sexism and sociology. I laughed hella hard, out loud, by myself in my room when i saw the Professors they’re quoting are all dudes. I’m glad I can laugh about it, because really it’s royally fucked up. No offense, and I guess you could call this sexist but I guarantee some hella smart lady professor is out there somewhere with sociological research regarding how sexist frameworks are created and perpetuated.  I think those who are oppressed are better at understanding and describing how it happens (and are more likely to have an authentic drive to research it and master the subject):

For their parts, Professor Walker said that he and Professor Monahan “don’t have a dog in this hunt,” adding that “we’re working purely on keeping the methodology proper.”

except for the fact that your support could set precedent for future sexism cases, and you’re dudes and empowered women probably make you very anxious, especially if they challenge you directly.

Maybe that’s unfair. Maybe not.