Hunger strike aims at congressional cuts

Posted on March 28, 2011


Hunger strike aims at congressional cuts – CNN Belief Blog – Blogs. Some points are particularly of interest to me:

Food aid for people at home and abroad, mosquito nets, and Head Start preschool programs are all on the chopping block. That, many religious leaders say, has crossed a moral line. In response, they have begun a fast – a hunger strike…

“We do need to cut the deficit and get our fiscal house in order, but not on the backs of the poor and hungry. They didn’t get us into this current mess and hurting them is not the way out of it.”…

He argued Congress should look at closing tax loopholes, cutting military spending, and working to bring back the economy…

“It would throw 200,000 children off Head Start. This doesn’t make any sense for us in the long haul, to deprive low-income kids the chance to go to preschool. This is not the way to reduce our deficit….

The group includes Christian, Jewish and Muslim aid groups, as well as clergy. They hope people will join in with prayer, fasting, and advocacy. Wallis, Beckmann, and Sharma urged people to call and write their representatives, urging them not to cut funding for the poor and hungry.

I love that this voice is being heard, it’s too bad it has to take something so drastic.  Now they just need a centralized location so people can join with them