Playing Well With Drugs

Posted on March 29, 2011


Playing Well With Drugs: An Interview With Eddie Einbinder | The Awl. i know i just put a post saying to check out everything at “read this” from feministe, but this deserved its own post (as did the chris brown letter):

Do you think people are naive to the differences between black market and prescription drugs?
People think prescription drugs are much safer. Though the misuse of prescription drugs is black market. There’s a dealer at most high schools nowadays. And kids steal them from their parents. Prescription pills have replaced weed in a lot of areas because they’re so accessible and there’s nothing easier than swallowing a pill. It’s like vitamins! It’s everywhere, and it’s causing a lot of problems. I talk a lot about how marijuana is not at all a transitional drug. People like to label weed as “the gateway” drug, but that’s a farce. I think it’s actually prescription pills that make for a smooth transition to other drugs. Adderall to coke. Oxycontin to heroin.

I agree with this one hundred percent. I always have advocated that alcohol was the real gateway drug, but in retrospect I was taking prescription drugs before i even drank alcohol.

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