Posted on March 30, 2011


This is a very powerful piece of writing from a woman regarding the revolution in egypt:

All our lives we’ve been made to believe that someone else has to decide for us, someone else knows better, someone else cares, and someone else draws the map of our future. We were living in a world where you had no time to dream, where you only think what you’re told to, and most importantly where you were forced to look away from the bigger picture, forced to look away from Egypt…We are witnesses to history, history is in the making, reshaping the world as we know it. In this particular moment in history, we are the creators of history with our every thought, every action and every feeling. It is not a burden, but an honor.

I hope american’s are taking notes.

An article from Time on how we treat animals for food:

“I think our relationship with farm animals is fundamentally one of exploitation,” Baur says. “It’s about whether we respect them or not.”

As human beings our relationships to everything, this earth, plants, natural resources, food, other humans, is one of exploitation.  We don’t “naturally” feel mutual respect for anything or anyone.

and as if women didn’t have enough insecurities, now we need to worry about our armpits (from Jezebel):

We believe that women asked about their underarms don’t find them attractive. But it’s quite the leap from there to believing they actively need to be “fixed.”

ask scores of women about ANY body part and you’ll find they don’t like them.. which is sad. We don’t like the way we are made, we don’t like the body we naturally have. we cover our faces with make up to be “presentable” (because natural faces are hideous), we starve ourselves, we get plastic surgery. It’s sad. and that there are billions of dollars invested in making sure this happens pisses me the fuck off.


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