Spreading Fat Stigma Around the Globe

Posted on March 30, 2011


Spreading Fat Stigma Around the Globe – NYTimes.com. Pretty sure I’ll have a heart attack when I come across a modern BENEFIT to the colonization of peoples minds based on western ideologies:

Negative perceptions about people who are overweight are becoming the cultural norm in many countries, including places where plumper, larger bodies traditionally have been viewed as attractive, according to a new report in the journal Current Anthropology.

health is one thing… if we are sooooo worried about people’s health and relations to food, why don’t we teach nutrition? Why don’t we teach how to have a healthy relationship with food? what other factors are influencing how we deal with food… like, say, corporations, GM seed people, the diet industry, hollywood, and not to mention the fact that if women don’t obsess over their weight they might actually feel empowered, and god forbid that happens. wankers.

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