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Posted on March 31, 2011


makes me glad tomorrow is friday.  Not because I stop reading the news or nothing frustrating or disappointing or sad happens then, but because at least I have the balance of going to the beach or being in nature, which is good for the soul. I am going to need some serious self care after this week.

more reasons to dislike GoDaddy… because the superbowl ads weren’t enough.

Mike Huckabee is keeping it classy with Christian Supremacists (i didn’t know there was such a group):

“I almost wish that there would be, like, a simultaneous telecast, and all Americans would be forced–forced at gunpoint no less–to listen to every David Barton message, and I think our country would be better for it. I wish it’d happen.”

really?  Well, I know i’ll feel safe if he’s president. OK… after reading some of the comments I felt the need to edit this. Obviously I know he’s joking, I think it’s in very poor taste, and it would make me equally uncomfortable if anyone said something like this for something i agreed with. it’s disconcerting, to say the least. But if you read the huckabee article read the comments below, kind of long, but there’s a summary. There are very good points to be made about journalism and being intentionally inflammatory. Smart guy.

And an update on Japan.. apparently US troops are going to help search for missing people:

The tsunami and the magnitude 9.0 earthquake that triggered it has claimed at least 11,578 lives in 12 prefectures and has left at least 16,451 people officially unaccounted for as of Friday morning.

The numbers are hard to fathom.. try to put it in a context that is familiar like, how many people are on a bart train, or at a baseball game (since it IS opening day).. it’s staggering.

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