A whole lot of gender and some censorship on the side

Posted on April 1, 2011


An amazing picture of the sun… I think sometimes we forget what it actually is and only perceive it from our limited point of view.  I know i do.

Gender, Brazil, and it’s refusal to play a “subservient role” to US, because apparently people thought she’d be more cooperative with Obama…

The bad blood started, or so the story went, when Lula refused to listen to the administration of George W. Bush and isolate Venezuela’s populist leader, Hugo Chávez. Before long, Brasilia was opposing or, worse, offering alternatives to Washington’s position on a growing number of issues: climate change, opposition to the 2009 coup in Honduras, Cuba, trade and tariffs.

Lula declined to criticise Iran and opened up a separate negotiating channel, outside of Washington’s influence and much to its annoyance, with Tehran to discuss Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

first of all, it’s not that crazy that a lady president wouldn’t just bond with Obama because they’re both marginalized people, especially considering the way the United States has treated Latin America throughout history.  I know it’s hard to fathom because we aren’t taught to think in layers and multiplicities, but it’s really not that crazy to not feel kinship or willingness to work with someone based solely on their demographics.  Second, what is up with th response to her not playing by the US rules:

Various explanations were posited in the US press for Lula’s behavior, which, for a Latin American leader, was unprecedented considering the historically subservient role Latin America has long played to Washington. At times it was described as a personality disorder, a striving for attention on the world stage; at other moments it was explained away as Lula’s need to play to his party’s rank and file, which, apparently, always enjoys a good tweaking of the US’s nose.

quite honestly i’m surprised our media didn’t question if she was on the rag, because you know, when a woman has a firm opinion or is upset about something it is not rooted in anything legitimate, it’s her period.  Maybe the explanation is that she’s sick of the bullshit constantly spewed from the US government (and media). Just a thought, though.

here are a couple of articles/updates regarding facebooks censorship of a Palestinian Infantada page. This, from the first one:

In an attempt to leverage the recent momentum of Facebook-powered revolutions in the Arab world, a Palestinian group on Facebook openly advocates another Intifada against the citizens of Israel. Established less than a month ago and titled Third Palestinian Intifada, the Facebook page has already amassed over 300,000 fans.

I do not consider myself knowledgeable enough to comment on the Israel/Palestine situation, I just think this sets an interesting precedent for facebook taking down pages that could possibly create chaos or violence (and how easily that can be manipulated by those in power, who have a vested interest in quelling uprisings), and how intrinsic facebook is for social organizing.. and how potentially crippling this could be for others.  Not that revolutionaries won’t find ways around it, but still. Food for thought.

The rate of unemployment for black people is rising, and some people are looking to education as one factor… are they looking at how zoning is done and how it affects urban schools? I obviously think this needs to be explored (as does education in general.. but if an initiative to improve urban schools over suburban or more affluent came up i would fully support it), but this quote REALLY got my blood boiling:

“We need a plan that specifically targets the African-American community, and males in particular,” the Democrat said. “Let’s give them the necessary skills to find new lines of work that include job training.”

emphasis mine. no explanation for why men need jobs more, or what the disparity is between black women and black men, or the hardships they face respectively… no, just the fact that the men need the jobs. Divide and conquer, much? *sigh* at times like this i feel defeated for a moment, and then i get pissed of and determined to continue on the collective path to end the patriarchal bullshit.