Condoms & Kochs

Posted on April 1, 2011


Musical Condoms?

How does it work?  Well, there is a mini loudspeaker & motion sensor planted in the condom’s upper cuff that provides a range of musical tones during sex.  Hilariously, the volume of music depends on the intensity of your love-making and the tones depend on sexual position.  How funny is that….

not gonna lie, i want to try this out.. sounds like quite an experience that would make for lots of good laughs.

Some info on the infamous Koch brothers:

Since Koch-sponsored secret meetings were revealed, secret planning with Supreme Court Justices was exposed, and secret funding of right wing groups became apparent, Americans have begun to wonder just how much influence these guys have purchased.

America has now heard of the Koch Brothers.

But that’s not all. A Google search of “Boycott Koch” reveals “about 907,000” pages. Many of these sites include a list of brands owned by the Kochs. Just type the word “boycott” into a Facebook search and Koch Industries pops up first. There appears to be a growing interest shunning Koch brands.

It would be amazing if a mass boycott was organized.  You can believe if i had the interweb networks that i would like to (and one day inevitably will) I would be organizing it. Brainstorming.