Deadly Protests for Koran Burning Reach Kandahar

Posted on April 2, 2011


Deadly Protests for Koran Burning Reach Kandahar –

A spokesman for the Taliban, however, denied that the insurgents had any role in the disturbances in either Mazar or Kandahar. “This was the reaction of the people of Afghanistan,” said Zabiullah Mujahid.

It’s so distressing that we cannot trust our own media.  I was unaware that a Qur’an has been burned.  It was definitely played down and/or ignored.  What is wrong with people.. needing to go out of their way to disrespect someone else’s beliefs? Imagine if everyone could just chill out for two seconds and realize how much more peaceful life would be if we weren’t trying to force people into religious beliefs.. maybe the taliban and christian fundamentalists and catholics and evangelicals and whoever else actively seeks to convert by means of coercion, guilt, force, etc or condemn/persecute those whose beliefs differ (Basically all extremists from all religious sects) all should go check out the THC ministry, smoke two joints, and relax. Live and let live.

also, imagine if we could trust that the information we are getting isn’t manipulated.  Some people say the uprisings are Taliban, others say it isn’t and in a reaction from other members of the public.  How can we tell? Well, they had a taliban flag.. that could easily be faked.  And the news can spin it (or not cover it at all) depending on what suits their interests, or more realistically, the interest of those who bought them out..or pays their paychecks, or however they get control. “they” being big businesses, government (like asking them not to cover Bahrain) who have an interest in the public feeling a certain way about certain events.  Propaganda.