Egypt Updates & a US-control trio

Posted on April 2, 2011


updates on egypt:

In the weeks that followed President Hosni Mubarak’s ouster Feb. 11, they say, the country’s security agencies have been weakened, but the military has continued many of their repressive practices and a hated emergency law that allows random arrests is still in place.

I know we all know the GOP plan to cut preventative AND abortion services at home, did you know they do it in other countries too:

So while Smith was in Kenya pushing an anti-abortion agenda, back in the states he and his allies are trying to defund the very programs that could help prevent people like Motoro and his wife from needing an abortion in the first place.

so disgusting and hypocritical.  It’s not only about the fetus, it’s about control. It’s about pushing an ideology that is mostly tied to religious fundamentalism.  It’s about backlash to women’s rights.

Is the US training Libyan rebels? If they are, most americans don’t know about it.  I wonder if they would agree that it is a useful way to spend our limited resources.

And to top of the global US interference news trio, the US is selling technology to block/censor the internet to other countries, take action:

Recent reports by the Wall Street JournalForeign Policy in Focus and the OpenNet Initiative reveal that U.S. companies are selling Internet blocking technology to repressive regimes across North Africa and the Middle East

makes you wonder what they plan to do at home. I signed the letter.