Koch brothers up to more dirty games?

Posted on April 2, 2011


Group Called “Citizens for a Strong America” Operates out of a UPS Mail Drop but Runs Expensive Ads in Supreme Court Race? | Center for Media and Democracy.

So, the voters of Wisconsin are now being bombarded by a virtually anonymous group being bankrolled to the tune of perhaps a million dollars or more to run ads which are demonstrably misleading.  There is no physical office a voter can go to in order to complain or demand the group’s tax filings.  And, even if those filings were available, they would not disclose who CSA’s major financial backers are.  CSA is exploiting the fact that Justice Prosser and a narrow majority of the Wisconsin Supreme Court enjoined the state from enforcing rules to require key disclosures by groups like CSA running so-called “issue” ads to influence elections. (The Center for Media and Democracy has filed a brief in that case in support of disclosure rules.)