monday funday? not so much

Posted on April 4, 2011


i guess that saying only really works for sunday. why does sunday get to be more fun than the rest of the days??? is it because jesus loved it most?  🙂

this guy is a total badass:

When the tsunami came, everyone ran to the hills. But Sugawara ran to his boat and steered it into deeper waters. “I knew if I didn’t save my boat, my island would be isolated and in trouble,” he tells CNN.

the back and forth in libya continues:

A spokesman told Reuters that Colonel Gaddafi was a “unifying figure”, and insisted his forces only targeted armed rebels, not civilians.

apparently armed rebels and civilians are mutually exclusive categories….

The old antifeminist rhetoric of childless women being loveless or somehow less-than has reared its ugly head again (though to be fair, we all know it never really left)

and just for fun, here’s some very pretty pictures of nice houses.