hunger strikes.earthquakes.impending governmental shutdown

Posted on April 7, 2011


hunger strikes are happening all over apparently (by all over i mean in the US and in India)

Hazare had said he would sacrifice his life if the federal government refused to form a joint committee with non-governmental figures for the formulation of the Bill.

Hundreds of people have come out in the last two days to support Hazare and the cause.

In Japan, not only did they suffer earthquakes, a tsunami, and now nuclear crisis, they also had liquefaction, which I had never heard of before this:

Kato says she was terrified because she knew what was going on. It was more than just an earthquake — it was liquefaction. The shaking from the earthquake was allowing sand and water underground to rise and things on the surface to sink.


A gravity map of the earth looks pretty funky:

In general, most people think of Earth as a relatively smooth orb. But matter is not evenly distributed across the planet’s surface, and bodies of water are constantly shifting due to winds and currents.

so crazy fascinating. In another life, I think I’m a physicist.

Will the government shut down on friday? More importantly, will Democrats throw women under the bus in order to avert said shut down? :

Boehner, standing next to Reid, said “we do have some honest differences.” He emphasized there was no agreement on either a final figure for spending cuts for the rest of the current fiscal year or on policy issues that the Republicans want included in the measure, such as specifically prohibiting funding for abortions.

Nevermind that federal funding for abortion is already banned, no, don’t mind that little detail.  Or the fact that defunding planned parenthood doesn’t have much to do with abortions at all. It’s been made very clear that some of the republican leaders are unwilling to compromise, and not just on this issue.  If this is a fiscal, economic emergency then why are political/social issues being included, paraded as “in the name of saving”? :

Obama also blamed the GOP for using the budget crisis to push provisions relating to hot-button issues such as abortion, health care and the environment. Debates over those issues were holding back the talks, he said.

it’s easy to blame the tea party (which this article alludes to)… but they shouldn’t shoulder all the responsibility.  Most people I know don’t take them seriously anymore (though a lot of people I know don’t necessarily take politics seriously in general..).  What worries me is if the democrats refused to budge on funding planned parenthood, they would be labeled as unwilling to compromise, bla bla bla.  If the republicans are unwilling to budge on funding PP they are “defending morals” and upholding good and bla bla bla… who is deciding this narrative? I think it’s amusing that Obama said “washington politics shouldn’t get in the way of american progress”…. in many cases I think it could be said that he is part of what is standing in the way of american progress with his fake talk of hope and change.