India tries to compromise to end Fast.

Posted on April 7, 2011


BBC News – India offers Anna Hazare new anti-graft panel.

Mr Hazare says he is fasting to pressure the government to enact comprehensive anti-corruption laws.

On Thursday, Congress leader Sonia Gandhi urged Mr Hazare to give up his fast, which has entered its fourth day.

She said his views would “receive the government’s full attention as we move forward to fight this menace [of corruption]”

how many have heard false promises so the “haves” wouldn’t look bad?

Almost 2,000 people, including various civil society activists, have joined the protest with Mr Hazare at the historic Jantar Mantar observatory in Delhi.

Protests and hunger strikes have been reported from other Indian cities

These people have the potential to create some of the most lasting changes of all the revolutions we’ve seen.. if people join.  And leaders know they can go back and start the fast any time they try to manipulate their promises. power, light, and love to them.