Instead of eating lunch

Posted on April 7, 2011


I’m perusing and sharing. First up, some more food for thought around “Obama’s” action in Libya (as if our whole government isn’t involved).  He said it would be days, not weeks, and two weeks later we’re still there:

That might not sound like a big deal. Except it emphasizes that Obama, like several presidents before him, simply doesn’t understand that “war is hell,” as Civil War Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman so aptly put it.

my question is, is this really just incompetence? Or do our leaders not care…

The times has a piece on how journalists inadvertently found evidence of torture in Libyan police stations.  Not that this information isn’t important, but to me it’s another example of shifting focus.  Has the times reported on the torture of Bradley Manning? If any evidence was found here at home about indecent acts perpetuated by our criminal justice system, whoever leaked it would be locked away with the key thrown away.

radioactive isotopes were found in rain in the Bay Area… of course they’re saying we shouldn’t worry about it.  I wish I could whole heartedly believe that.  But realistically, if there was a real danger, I don’t believe they would tell the general population, because we are seen as infantile (constructed to be so, in fact) and unable to handle the reality beyond what our government/media decide is our reality.  I’m not bitter though…

on the governmental shutdown that is looming, clearly the democrats are to blame, even though republicans are using this as a way to force through extreme legislation that will severely harm a very large portion of our society based on ideological grounds. But clearly it has to do with only one party.. not the entire fucked up system.  It’s almost funny how the GOP blames everything on Obama. If it weren’t destroying our country I might get a good chuckle out of how ridiculous it all is. I don’t like him as president either, but to use every possible excuse to demonize him is a little much, folks.. what I think it comes down to is if people actually want what’s best for the people, and i think it’s apparent that that is not a large factor in whatever is happening in washington.  I really wonder if the Dems will throw women (and working/poor people and youth) under the bus again in order to not be villainized by the GOP.