2 Protesters Are Killed in Cairo’s Tahrir Square

Posted on April 9, 2011


2 Protesters Are Killed in Cairo’s Tahrir Square – NYTimes.com.

Human rights lawyers said 42 protesters had been detained and later interrogated on charges of violating the national curfew, and also of violating a ban on protests enacted by the cabinet on March 24.

The protest began Friday, when tens of thousands of people turned out in Tahrir Square to protest authoritarian tactics by the military, which activists have said included the torture of protesters, the abuse of women and the detention of thousands of people. The protest was one of the largest since Mr. Mubarak was ousted……

…Security officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity confirmed that the military used live ammunition, tear gas and rubber bullets against protesters, who said they were chased down narrow side streets as they tried to flee. Protesters regained control of the square by sunrise, forcing security forces back under a barrage of stones and setting fire to three of their vehicles.