Why fiscal conservatives care about Planned Parenthood

Posted on April 9, 2011


Why fiscal conservatives care about Planned Parenthood | Amanda Marcotte | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk. must read. Fiscal conservatism is about who deserves resources, not just budget-cutting:

Not to gloat, but I did predict back in February that this would be the issue that brought everything to a head. The reason the conventional wisdom is wrong on this comes down to a fundamental misunderstanding of the term “fiscal conservatism”. The belief is that fiscal conservatives are merely debt-averse and want to cut spending, while the fact that these so-called fiscal conservatives routinely elect Republicans who drive up the deficit is ignored. But I would argue that fiscal conservatism has nothing to do with the deficit, and is, instead, about who conservatives believe is and isn’t deserving of government largesse.

It is and always has been about excluding from the social contract poorer people, unmarried women, gays, liberals, pointy-headed intellectuals and, especially, people of colour, and keeping all government spending aimed at white, conservative Christians – the richer, the better…

So, for those wondering how it can be that something as minor as the funding of Planned Parenthood could be the dealbreaker that threatens a government shutdown, I would say that it’s not minor on the right. It’s a symbol of everything they believe about who and who isn’t deserving of government spending. This is about sending a strong message to the base that Republicans take seriously the mandate to cut off everyone not considered, to borrow Sarah Palin’s phrase, a “Real American”.

brilliant. PS: i saw this at Feministe