41 Protestors Including D.C. Mayor Arrested During Protest

Posted on April 12, 2011


41 Protestors Including D.C. Mayor Arrested During Protest Of Abortion Rider In Budget Deal (VIDEO) | TPMDC. 1. the political figures who were willing to be arrested to voice their opinion with the people are total badasses. 2. this comment below the article made me chuckle:

well, if we’re going to use the merits of child birth to save the taxpayers some dough, i say we eliminate the child tax credit forthwith.

republicans don’t want their tax dollars used for abortion; i don’t want mine used to fund someone else’s procreation. i dislike most people anyway. so why should i pay for the creation of more of them?

i, personally, don’t want my tax money going to colonization of other countries, oppressing people, or funding abstinence-only sex education which is generally misleading and proven not to be as effective as comprehensive sex ed. I wonder if they’ve cut that program yet… probably  not. Because it’s never been about abortion.