Athletes and Getting away with attempted murder

Posted on April 12, 2011


Shaun Metcalf’s New Zealand Warriors NRL Deal A Second Chance. Ok, the inflammatory language was intentional. Seriously though:

”We can all get caught up in the emotional image of young men booting a young woman in the stomach to cause her to abort her baby, but these were two young people … she got pregnant, he was way out of his depth, and he did a really cruel and dumb thing.

”He was caught in the moment, and what he did was the equivalent of a young man putting a noose around his neck because his girlfriend tossed him out. He has to be allowed to move forward and put his life together, and I think the ability of the NRL and the Warriors to take this young man in and help him do that is role modelling and something they should get credit for.”

Women, you are absolutely not allowed to make a carefully thought out choice to terminate a pregnancy, but if your douchebag most-likely-a-batterer boyfriend or husband “get caught up” and repeatedly beats you to try and have a miscarriage, all should be forgiven and he should be allowed to go on with his life. this literally makes me sick. when the fuck will we hold people like this accountable?????

“What he did was disgusting and abhorrent but you don’t get life for murder, and I consulted a lot of experts who all said that the best thing for the boy in terms of his rehabilitation was to get back into sport.”

do we treat other violent criminals in such a kind hearted way? no, only ones who perpetrate against women and/or are “stars” (celebs, athletes, politics, etc)

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