Boehner’s warning to Obama

Posted on April 12, 2011


Boehner has this to say to President Obama:

But he says a proposal by the president that includes tax increases will be treated as evidence that the president is not serious about dealing with the country’s long-term fiscal health.

What’s interesting is that, in my opinion, if a political “leader” is not interested in raising taxes on the rich/cutting exemptions for companies who basically have monopolized their industry, those people have no interest in seriously dealing with our countries long-term, deeply rooted fiscal problems.  We simply cannot just cut our way out of this problem, and the fact that so many members of the GOP seem to think that can happen is frightening. They want the rich to get richer and the poor/middle class to continually suffer.  Whether this is a well thought out plan or a sort of “essence” is hard to say, but the implications of their “options” for recovery are clear.

Reading the comments on this article, too, it seems that many people are through paying for the tax breaks of the rich. Thankfully. I hope this sentiment spreads (that people realize what is happening). Also that our “defense” budget is ridonkulous. Defense. HA!

Also, did anyone ever “warn” George Dubya? Was he so constantly scrutinized and disrespected by other leaders or treated with such disdain? I honestly do not know, but it doesn’t feel that way.