educate yourself: America’s Family Planning Program: Title X

Posted on April 12, 2011


America’s Family Planning Program: Title X | Planned Parenthood Affiliates New Jersey.

More than 30 Years of Title X Successes

Family planning programs are successful in preventing unwanted pregnancies and, consequently, abortions.

By providing access to contraceptive methods and counseling on how to use them effectively, family planning clinics — many of which receive funding through Title X — have been shown to reduce large numbers of unintended pregnancies, abortions, and births. Each year:

• Publicly subsidized family planning services, of which Title X is the core, prevent 1,331,100 pregnancies: consequently, 632,300 abortions
are prevented.
• Studies have found that public family planning funds prevent approximately 888,200 unintended pregnancies to women who have never married, thereby avoiding an estimated 421,900 abortions and 356,200 out-of-wedlock
• Publicly funded family planning prevents 385,800 unintended pregnancies to adolescents aged 15–19 annually, avoiding 154,700 teenage births and 183,300 abortions. (Forrest & Samara, 1996)

Each public dollar spent to provide family planning services saves an estimated $3.00 that would otherwise be spent in Medicaid costs for pregnancy-related care and medical care for newborns (Forrest & Samara, 1996).

Now, I don’t think that I would be so bold as to say that Title X has been successful for the past 30 years, especially when 1 in 3 women are going to have an abortion and about half of all pregnancies nationwide are unplanned. But it’s very clear that without Title X those numbers would be even worse.  So what’s the solution? to defund it even more, that way more women are forced to have babies and give up their dreams (partial sarcasm)

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