Feminism makes boners sad. — Feministe

Posted on April 12, 2011


Feminism makes boners sad. — Feministe.

I mean, we could show these guys pictures of actual human beings having sex, and they could see that human beings have sex in so many ways, and that a lot of the time women are on top (and sometimes there aren’t even women involved, or there are only women involved, and then the whole world falls apart)….But the point is, a photo of rat sex doesn’t really prove that women love submission, since “submission” is something that’s being projected onto the rats who are just trying to do their thing without getting stuck in the middle of some gender war bullshit.

….And some dudes want to be dominant. And some ladies like submission. And vice-versa. And that’s all right. But what we want doesn’t happen in a vacuum, and is shaped by culture and exposure and understanding of sex as well as some sort of biological imperative and animal desire. (Which doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get down however you want to get down; you should! But you don’t need a stamp of approval from either Biology or Feminism to enjoy yourself and do the thing).