Trans Rights. Libya. Rep Crowley. gay marriage. Hip Hop. Deployment

Posted on April 14, 2011


Do you think we’ll finally see a day when (on paper) workplaces cannot discriminate against people based on sexual orientation or gender identity/expression?

Currently, it remains legal to fire or refuse to hire someone for being lesbian, gay or bisexual in 29 states, while transgender workers can legally be denied or refused jobs in 37 states.

In Libya, our mission is evolving (apparently) from enforcing a no-fly zone to ensuring Gadaffi leaves power:

In a strongly worded, jointly written article published in newspapers on both sides of the Atlantic, British prime minister David Cameron, French president Nicolas Sarkozy and US president Barack Obama said leaving Gaddafi in power would be an “unconscionable betrayal” of the Libyan people.

how long until we have troops on the ground for the next 8 or 9 years?

I saw this video on Feministing. “Really, GOP? REALLY??” i fucking love it. Rep. Crowley is very obviously a boss. We have some political leaders (notice the lack of quotation marks) getting arrested for protesting with the people, now a somewhat theatrical calling out of the GOP on the house floor.. i’m feeling.. something… what is it… hope?

an anti-gay marriage “crusader” is now a convert... because he actually interacted with those people he was opposed to:

Marinelli says he just wanted to hold on to a lifestyle he held dear. He was an altar boy who briefly attended Catholic school, and as an adult he was determined to protect traditional values. “I saw gay marriage as just another liberal iconoclastic attack on traditional culture,” he said…..“I started to see that they were not just political targets, they were real people who just… wanted to get married. It started to feel like a petty issue.”

we are so segregated in our society, we only want to be around those who agree with us.. sure it’s more comfortable. But if you’re not uncomfortable you’re not learning.  I by no means think this guy is awesome or should be treated like a saint, but it’s interesting from a philosophical standpoint.

And apparently the hip hop community needs to embrace the queer community for profit’s sake: 

But a surprising voice has stepped into the forefront to defend Mister Cee: 50 Cent, one hip-hop’s favorite homophobes (and a friend to Mister Cee). Fifty could care less about queer folks, of course. But he does care about the Benjamins, and to him hip-hop’s pro-gay era needs to begin for one simple reason: Homophobia isn’t good for business anymore.

I understand how many will say this is a good thing. I for one find it incredibly problematic.  the ONLY time queer people are celebrated (or even accepted, tolerated) is when other dominant groups are profiting off of us. I know other marginalized communities have experienced this as well.  So ya, i guess it’s good that fifty knows if he is a homophobic douche bag the queer community will mobilize and that there are enough of us to impact the market… but it would be better if fifty realized that queer people deserve recognition and respect as human beings. But that’s probably to feminine to even imagine.

A very tragic, inhumane story about a single mother deploying to afghanistan being courtmarshalled b/c she couldn’t find someone to care for the child while she’s gone within a certain timeframe.  Nobody should be put in a situation like this.  Women are practically forced to have children and then when hitches arise from BEING A PARENT women are accused of using that as an excuse, slacking, lying.  so fucking frustrating.