To Sodomy.. It’s between GOD and me!

Posted on April 19, 2011


MoJo is obviously a biased place to get information.  Does that make it wrong to read or perpetuate? Am I somehow delegitimized because I reference it? If other news outlets had articles on which states still have sodomy laws I would happily look at those.. I cannot help it that MoJo puts out articles that you don’t find elsewhere.. But I have never pretended to be unbiased. I don’t believe it is up to me to find the most “neutral” sources of information, just interesting or (in my mind) important in some way or another, and it is up to people to take it from there. So that has been on my mind for a while (since a very dear friend pointed out to me how “leftist” MoJo is and I might try to find other outlets.. which is constructive criticism i’ve taken to heart.. i don’t perpetuate obviously inflammatory or “lefty” articles.. i love constructive feedback, btw).

Anyway, the point is that 14 states still have laws on the books about the sex lives of adults:

But Texas isn’t the only state that’s still legislating bedroom activity. Fourteen states currently have laws on the books outlawing anal sex between two consenting, unrelated adults—referred to variously as “deviate sexual conduct,” “the infamous crime against nature,” “sodomy,” and “buggery.” And it’s taken a concerted effort to keep those laws on the books…Conservatives in those states know they can’t enforce the laws, but by keeping them in the code, they can send a message that homosexuality is officially condemned by the government.

well and since homosexuality is officially condemned by the government, how would they address bullying of queer kids in their schools? I think legislation like this is bullying. I wonder if these old dudes know that buggery happens between heterosexual couples… oh wait, a few states have made it very clear that “the infamous crime against nature” is only such if it’s done by two men.. husbands and boyfriends can go against nature with their wives/girlfriends all they want. I also wonder where/if this fits in under the reproductive justice movement? Is it only “reproductive justice” if it’s centered around baby making? How heteronormative and oppressive is a model that works in that way? Also that doesn’t include masturbation, lady sex, or our entire trans community. Should it just be called sexual justice? hmmmm….