“wikileaks defendent” to be moved

Posted on April 19, 2011


WikiLeaks Defendant to Be Moved – NYTimes.com. Well, thanks NY times but I’m pretty sure his name is Bradley Manning and he’s a real life human being who has not been treated as such up until this point (and I dare say will continued to be treated in inhumane ways.. gotta send a message to anyone thinking of taking subversive action aimed at transparency and accountability in a democracy, right?)

Last week, a United Nations torture investigator said that he had been denied an unmonitored visit to Private Manning , while Amnesty International has said that his treatment may violate his rights.

just out of curiosity.. what would the US do if another country failed to comply with an investigation of ours, or the UN? I’m sure there are plenty of news stories that cover such incidences, however I don’t feel like searching for them.  If you feel so inclined, please do so and let me know. 

Times had an article as well

According to the AP, an announcement is likely Wednesday and the transfer comes “in the wake of international criticism about his treatment during his detention at the Marine Corps base at Quantico, Va.”  The language “in the wake of” makes it unclear if Manning is being transferred because of mistreatment, because of international criticism of his alleged mistreatment, or just chronologically following international criticism of his alleged mistreatment.

The NY times article made it clear that officials are standing behind their handling of this situation, but of course the world would fall apart if the United States were to acquiesce to anything put forward outside our metaphorical walls.  

Eugene Fidell, a military law expert now teaching at Yale, speculated that the White House was exasperated with bad press about Manning at Quantico. “Everybody has a breaking point,” he said. “Why put up with one more story when with one phone call you can move him?”

Everyone has a breaking point, and apparently our government (fueled by our tax dollars) thought Manning would reach his before they were forced, due to public and international outrage, to change the situation under which Bradley Manning was being held.

Also, I need to ad that i’m once again very disappointed in our media.. they do not support what is best for the people, or they are severely misguided in those efforts.  Even to the point where Manning is referred to with no name, trying to take away the human element.. this isn’t some monster … some treacherous being from the depths of Dante’s imagination who is out to get the US government (ok, i cannot say that with 100% certainty, but seriously!)… he is a human being, a person the age of myself and my friends, who did a really good thing, and is paying a very harsh penalty for such.  I think he’s a hero.