‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill Advances.. are you effing serious?

Posted on April 23, 2011


Wonk Room » Tennessee ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill Advances, Sponsor Says Teachers Need Time for ‘Arithmetic’. members of the queer community know that there is a serious effort to silence our existence, but this is just so… blatant.  You’re going to completely render invisible many students who go to the school. Would they be punished for coming out? Would straight kids be able to talk about their relationships and crushes?  what mental affect will a rule like this have on kids who are gay? They are literally being forced to stay in the closet.  Where is the line? You can’t say Uterus in florida congress, contraception is contraversial even though almost all women use it, and now kids cannot say “gay”… we are really heading towards a reality that is very male hetero centric.  But I do believe that is the point. regression.