ElBaradei suggests war crimes probe of Bush team

Posted on April 23, 2011


ElBaradei suggests war crimes probe of Bush team – Yahoo! News.

The Iraq war taught him that “deliberate deception was not limited to small countries ruled by ruthless dictators,” ElBaradei writes in “The Age of Deception,” being published Tuesday by Henry Holt and Company…

..“I was aghast at what I was witnessing,” ElBaradei writes of the official U.S. attitude before the March 2003 invasion, which he calls “aggression where there was no imminent threat,” a war in which he accepts estimates that hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians were killed.

In such a case, he suggests, the World Court should be asked to rule on whether the war was illegal. And, if so, “should not the International Criminal Court investigate whether this constitutes a `war crime’ and determine who is accountable?..

“Do we, as a community of nations, have the wisdom and courage to take the corrective measures needed, to ensure that such a tragedy will never happen again?” he asks

emphasis mine.  I think it’s an incredibly important question.  Who can stand up to the US government? Who from the inside can change this ridiculous macho stance so that we are not in constant confrontation with the rest of the world?  When can we be a nation that reflects the people in all of their diversity and come up with solutions, laws, foreign affairs policies that incorporate all those voices.  Because right now some (2.5) voices are dominating the discussion and the course of history in ways that are flawed and seemingly hold major consequences but most importantly are not reflective of the people this government supposedly represents.  International support and the people of the country calling for accountability and transparency is probably exactly what it will take to change the way things are going.  We need a revolution, politically and culturally.  I don’t think it needs to be bloody.  We just need to seriously change things up.